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We Unearth Outstanding Digital Solutions

Ideas right through to execution. Driven by a serious passion for bold ideas, life at Martian & Sons is all about tackling creative and technical challenges with extraordinary design, UX and code. We invent, prototype, launch and scale products from the red soil up.


Areas of Expertise 





Our Emmy-winning Creative Director & co-founder leads an eclectic team of designers and visual artists. We work closely with our clients to create design with character, relevance and vision. We solve problems and propel brands to deepen customer engagement.



Motion graphics, animation and film can enhance the right project. Through Interactive storytelling, our products connect with people to create unique experiences. Examples of work created by our team on other projects can be viewed here.


There is hardly a type of programmer we do not have in-house at Martian & Sons., Our team innovates at every turn--from mobile apps right through to giant multi-touch screen displays. We excel at intricate and sophisticated global cloud platforms and innovative front-end development.


application construction & Management platform

Martian & Sons has created a unique approach to application development: the MartianTool. 

Our customizable MartianTool delivers state of the art technology that’s accessible remotely. Think of it as the high-tech swiss army knife of application construction and management - the perfect tool to have in the back pocket of your spacesuit.

Technically speaking, the MartianTool is your application framework, CMS, backend, distribution channel and management system all in one. 

Break free from the restrictions of a traditional CMS. Fire up the multi-faceted MartianTool to build and maintain your web and digital experiences.

MartianTool is different. It’s better. Of and out of this world.

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