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About Us

Martian & Sons is a welcoming and vibrant creative studio founded in 2016 by the dynamic creative duo Elizabeth Steinberg and Kendall Reid.

We invent, prototype, launch and scale products from the red soil up. 



Whether you require motion design, branding, software engineering, or a combination of these disciplines, Martian and Sons is your go-to creative studio. We are driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a passion for merging the realms of artistry and innovation.



Our passion lies in empowering individuals through education. We are committed to creating practical digital platforms that enable individuals of all skill levels to learn design, coding, and animation.



We embrace the integration of analog and digital realms. Our workshops celebrate the fusion of traditional craftsmanship,  with cutting-edge technology. By utilizing tools like Arduino programming, we seamlessly blend old-world techniques with future-forward advancements. 



Elizabeth is an Emmy Award-winning designer, renowned for her expertise in motion design and branding. Her keen eye for aesthetics, coupled with her extensive experience in the industry, allows her to craft visually stunning and engaging designs that captivate audiences. With her remarkable talent and attention to detail, Elizabeth ensures that each project leaves a lasting impression. Hop on over to Elizabeth's website to see her work

Also check out our Friends of Motion Channel where she teaches Motiongraphics design skills for C4D and After Effects



In Kendall's lab, the worlds of software engineering and music collide in a storm of innovation. He's all about blending analog and digital, and his passion project Code Gymnasium teaches people of any skill level to code and create their own digital products.


When he's not immersed in his passions, Kendall can be found playing the cello and teaching it to younger Martians.

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